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Meaning literally to prop and rotate (Kroll 2015 453, 479), the term tiao‘wo, as most scholars believe, is a noun that refers to a component in the timber frame structure, used in the interior of a building with an open-frame roof structure (cheshang mingzao 徹上明造; i.e. without a ceiling). Tiao'wo appears in the Yingzao fashi (1103) four times (YZFS 2009, 1.8a, 4.6a, 6.9b, 18.7a). There are two types of tiao'wo. (1) As a part of a component, tiao'wo refers to the upward end of a xia'ang in a bujian puzuo. This kind of tiaowo is also called angwei tiaowo 昂尾挑斡 by some scholars. Sometimes it can also refer to the upward end of a shuatou. (2) As a separate component, tiaowo refers to an oblique element without pointed shape, a particular form of xia'ang. Some scholars believe this is the angting tiaowo mentioned in Yingzao fashi (Zhu 2018).